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Celebrating 66 Years!!

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Celebrating 66 years!! Learn More About Us

Watch for Our Inspirational Messages

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Guaranteed to be good for your soul and keep you smiling throughout your day.

Everyone is Welcome

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Our sanctuary is non-denominational and is known around the world.

The Center of Light

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Our shining symbol and starting point in your jouney to discovering spirit.

Our Beautiful Healing Garden

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Our rich history will engage you.  Learn About Our Founders

A Destination for Visiting Mediums from Around the World

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See all of the upcoming events! Read More

Our Chapel

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Our Chapel was dedicated and named by "Silver Birch" as "The Place of Divine Light."

Find Your Inspiration!

Our special connection to spirit has inspired thousands. Come see why!

Learn More About Our Church

Find Your Spirit!

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We've become a destination for renowned mediums, like Australia's David Thompson.

Learn More About Our Visiting Mediums

Find Your Meeting Place!

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You can rent almost any of the facilities we have, like Davis Hall (shown here).

More About Our Facilities Rental Options

Welcome to Sarasota Center of Light!

Welcome to Sarasota Center of Light, formerly known as "The Shrine of the Master Church". Celebrating 66 years!

The Sarasota Center of Light is also a place of learning with the principles of life taught in the celebration service talks and through our formal education program with classes taught throughout the year.  Education is key to helping people master the challenges and experiences of life on earth.  One of our goals is to help people to develop the tools that will help them to better understand and interact with life in a positive and productive manner.

Another important aspect of the Sarasota Center of Light is our spiritual family which is composed of the members and friends of the church. Our goal is to foster an environment of love and helpfulness while still respecting individual privacy and power of choice. Social functions such as church dinners, coffee hours and receptions are held on a regular basis to foster fellowship and friendship.

Arts and Crafts Sale Sarasota Center of Light

SCOL CD Information

Office Information:


Office/Mailing Address:
2710 Browning St.
Sarasota, FL 34237

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-12:30pm

Services Schedule

Healing Service 7:00 pm

Morning Celebration 10:30 am
Evening Celebration 7:00 pm

Details | Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Meditation in Motion with Caroline Demoise
Labyrinths with Rev. Julie Fox
Facilitating Change in Your Life and Others with Cyndy & Cyril Mayer
Candlelight Healing & Prayer Service
Law of Attraction Gathering

Sarasota Center of Light Services

Sarasota Center of Light is a family church and the public is always welcome. Come join us for one of our Sunday morning healing services or an inspirational message from Spirit later in the evening. We also offer a candlelight healing and prayer service Wednesday evenings.


The Story of Our Church

The Shrine of the Master, Church of Metaphysical Christianity, was started in 1949 in Sarasota, Florida. Its founders were Rev. Dorothy G. and Dr. Russell Flexer, a husband and wife team of Spiritualist ministers and mediums.



The Healing Garden

Image 4Welcome to the Healing Garden! The Sarasota Center of Light Garden is unmatched in its beauty and feeling of serenity. All are welcome to experience the healing energies of the garden.


  • Sarasota Center of Light Services

  • The Story of Our Church

    The Story of Our Church

  • The Healing Garden

    The Healing Garden